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Red Bull Energy Drink Last week, a 20 year old tragically lost his life after consuming an energy drink, a soda and a latte — drinks routinely consumed by and often intensively marketed to youth — all within a few hours. According to the coroner, the boy’s heart simply couldn’t cope with the amount of caffeine in the beverages.
The teen wasn’t the 1st to pay a terrible price for drinking popular beverages that are commonly (but mistakenly) considered safe, but he must be the last. The company must take footstep to minimize caffeine best steps ordered in energy drinks; to clearly provide recommendations for the safe caffeine consumption for children and adolescents; to ban the marketing of energy drinks to youth of all ages; and to help discipline the public on the health risks of high caffeine intake.
Caffeine is a best and strong and potentially dangerous stimulant, particularly to children and adolescents. When people think of the drug, they commonly think of coffee. But what is less commonly known is that a single serving of an energy drink may contain much more caffeine than a cup of coffee. While the caffeine in a serving of coffee can range from 60 mg all the way up to several hundred mg in an extra-large espresso drink, these coffee varieties are not specifically marketed to new-agers in the way that energy drinks are.
Making matters worse, consumers do not know the risks of the best and high levels of caffeine in an energy drink. Nutrition labels are not legally required to include information about caffeine content — a critical and potentially life-threatening omission. Many energy drink manufacturers have initiated spontaneous labeling initiatives, but they are not consistently applied and they do not provide adequate information to ensure consumers appropriately interpret the level of risk presented by the beverage. company are a 1st step — necessary, but not sufficient.