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Alder Firewood

Buy Alder Firewood online
Buy Alder Firewood online

Alder Firewood


There are many different opinions when it comes to burning alder firewood.  Some people who have used it absolutely love it and only have good things to say about burning it.

However, others simply don’t like it.  So……why are there so many different opinions about using alder in a fireplace, wood stove or even an outdoor wood furnace?

Just like many other species of firewood, the type of tree people choose to burn is very controversial.

If you ask a handful of people what’s your favorite type of firewood?  You’re likely to get a lot of different answers.

Before you decide whether or not you should add some alder to your firewood stack lets look at some characteristics of the tree and the firewood it produces.

Then, after considering these qualities you can determine whether or not you should burn it this year or even better yet, is it worth your time and energy to cut it, split it and stack it?


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