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Din+ Wood Pellets

Din+ Wood Pellets | Best Din+ Wood Pellets online
Din+ Wood Pellets | Best Din+ Wood Pellets online

Din+ Wood Pellets


Din+ Wood Pellets

Din+ Wood Pellets


Din+ Company is a manufacturer of the wood pellets 6 mm in diameter. Due to many years of experience, we can safely say we are true professionals in our area of industry. Our product complies with all standards and norms of the international certification.

The product we produce is eco- friendly and safe to use. It is free of impurities and harmful substances. The raw materials used in the production process contain no sand and bark, consequently, the ash content is only 0.47% or less, and the pellet is of a light color.

Our product is widely used in the European Union countries for heating the homes by automatic boilers. We do everything possible to satisfy our consumers with our product, namely:

  1. The technical properties of our pellets will reduce your boiler maintenance costs.
  2. You can get the individual packaging of 5-25 kg.
  3. A large storage and plenty of goods.

We will quickly respond to your request and deliver the product in any possible way.

We will always make your home warm and cozy.


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