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Dry Klin Firewood

Dry Klin Firewood | Buy Dry Klin Firewood online
Dry Klin Firewood | Buy Dry Klin Firewood online

Dry Klin Firewood


Dry Klin Firewood

Dry Klin Firewood


  • Kiln dried ash firewood pallet
  • Pallet size: 118 cm x 85 cm x 108 cm (L/W/H)
  • Pallet weight: ~400 kg
  • Firewood size: 25 cm
  • Moisture: less than 20%
  • Great value for money
  • Convenient to store
  • Requires no re-stacking

We guarantee under 20% or less moisture in our quality firewood. Why is this important? With today’s modern wood burners combined with abiding by eco-guidelines and adequate home insulation, wood provides practical, cost-efficient and sustainable home heating. When gas and electricity run out, wood will burn on.

Be aware of Low Quality’ supply
If you choose to purchase firewood from a ‘side of the road’ source, you may get caught out with a green load. This will be difficult to burn, it won’t produce as much heat as dry wood, and it will be extremely smoky. Likewise, if you have cut down a tree, stack it and allow it to season for 12 months before burning. Cut it into suitable sized pieces for your wood burner as well. Chunks that are too large will not burn properly, meaning less heat and more smoke.


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